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    Anyone going to the National? WTB 2007 Topps Gold Football

    Hello everyone,
    Is there anyone here who is going to the National in Chicago at the end of July/early August? Is so, you may be able to help me out. I am a HUGE New Orleans Saints fan who collects Topps Products exclusively. My want list is as follows:

    2005 Topps Gold Football
    #40 Aaron Stecker
    #57 Deuce McAllister
    #122 Aaron Brooks
    #234 Joe Horn

    2007 Topps Gold Football
    #33 Aaron Brooks
    #208 Ernie Conwell

    2009 Topps Career Best Jumbo
    #CBJ-RB Reggie Bush

    If anyone going has, or can find just one of these cards, I would be very grateful and would be very interested in doing business with you for it or them. Thanks so much in advance.



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    im going but i doubt anyone would have anything like that there. ebay is the best place to find cards like that imo. gl to you

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