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    I am very HABBY with my mail this week!

    So discard that cheesy title...

    ANYWAYS, the past week has been a very exciting time for my collection as I have added 2 new gems to the Habs collection.

    First off I would like to give a special thanks to a member on this site, Slypig for this awesome PC addition to the Carey collection. I have been looking around to land this card for the past couple seasons and either would lose the auction or forget about it, but finally have tracked one down and it is forever in my collection.

    Here it is:

    2007-08 Upper Deck SP Authentic Future Watch Autograph Patch Carey Price 015/100 (If the world was perfect the patch would be 3 colors but what can you do - regardless I am VERY pleased with this card)

    The final card I would like to share with you is a card I never thought I would own.

    No it's not a Price card or anything along those lines, but it is a card I personally never thought I'd get.

    With the high price of shields from products such as Cup and Ultimate and of course of a "better" player such as Price, Subban, Gallagher, ect I was able to add a cornerstone to the Habs collection as we'll. I was able to pick up this shield for a very good price and glad it's of a current Montreal Canadiens player and a decent player.

    This card marks my first ever logo shield and very glad I could share this with everyone.

    Thanks for taking the time to view my thread all comments are welcomed!

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    Great mail, Tyler! I love that Carey Price FWA Patch. That is something else, and glad you found yourself a 2-colour at least.

    And a shield is the dream of any collector, glad you could pick one up!
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