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Thread: Can't figure out paypal fees

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    Can't figure out paypal fees

    I recently made 3 sales with members here, no problem with the members or the deals. While reviewing my paypal account i see paypal took fees from one of the payments but not the other 2. I don't ask for gift payment and i don't pay that way.
    deal 1 was a canadian member, got exactly the amount, no fees deducted.
    deal 2 was from a US member. Same thing, exact amount received, no fees deducted.
    deal 3 was a canadian member (from quebec if that matters), that payment had fees deducted,

    I read through the fees info on the site and am totally confused as to why.
    Wondering if any other more experienced paypal users can shed a bit of light on this?

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    Maybe the 2 members sent the payment as gift without you asking?

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    Well that's what i'm thinking too. But under the persons name is this:
    OK to ship. What's next? Print Shipping Label / Add Tracking Info

    The other 2 transactions don't have this.

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    the canadian not from quebec was me. when i sent the monies paypal stated that if i was paying from a paypal account (meaning i had funds and was not going by a credit card) that there were no fees.
    i also selected send to friends and families --- not to pay for goods. i generally will use this method as long as the fees are zero or relatively small. since i tend to trust our membership here i will use the family & friends method.

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    Friends & family is the new "gift" option - two people sent that fashion, the other sent as Goods.
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    Always send & accept as Goods. Trust nobody!!
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    I trust people on here. Depending on the feedback and the amount of the transaction I will pay as gift.

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    Well i guess that clears that up, thanks all for the input.

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