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Thread: Frustrarted Blue Jays Fan

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    Frustrarted Blue Jays Fan

    Enough is enough already! I am getting sick of listening to sports talk radio here in Toronto where it is one constant nonsense rumour after another! Don't get me wrong AA has made some good deals in the past and acquiring Donaldson was a steal, but has he ever made a deal during the season of any significance? None comes to mind.

    All this talk about them going after the likes of Chapman, Price and the rest of them it just won't happen and talk radio needs to shut up about it. It's worse than them talking about the Toronto Maple Laughs!

    Ok, with that out of the way I am equally as frustrated with the play of this team. How can a team be blowing the majors away in offence and still not be in a playoff spot? One reason our pitching is terrible and Reyes alone has thrown away at least 5 games from his terrible play at SS. Do I want to get rid of him? No b/c he can still hit but pot Goins at short, trade Edwin for some much needed started pitching help and DH reyes. Done. Reyes is just too much of a liability at short and he has to be the worst defensive player in the majors. That's how bad he's been!!

    With Edwin hopefully traded for that pitching help you can put Smoak at first who has had a very good year platooning with him and his numbers profect to 20 plus homers and 100 rbis with 600 abs. Outfield is also a major issue for the jays with only one proven player in Bautista. Granted he is an all star and having a big year and Pillar has proven to be an everyday player, but who plays left? Collabello is almost as bad defensively as Reyes is and he is starting to cool down at the player. Carerra is ok defensively but he is not a starter by any stretch of the imagination. So what do we do? Bite the bullet in the OF for a year and sign someone in the offseason that can actually play on an everyday basis in both aspects of the game. Done,

    Second base which was a major sore spot for the team has stability with Travis and I am pretty happy with him. Catcher no problem there was Martin having a really nice year, but the pitching needs to be improved not only for now but the future as well. I am fine with A.A trading whatever pitching prospect it takes to get someone to fill plugs in the rotation and we also need a closer. Osuna is good but you can't expect a rookie to be a closer his first time around in the bigs. Groom him as a closer maybe and put Sanchez in the rotation for crying out loud! He was doing quite well before he got hurt so what are the jays thinking? I do not know.

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    How did you like the Tulowitzki trade?
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    i am ecstatic that they got rid of reyes and replaced him with a superior player and they didn't have to give up anything from their current roster to do it. that tulo is a jay for the foreseeable future is also a major plus in this deal. what i don't like about it was joey bat's reaction. come on you're a professional athlete so the crying about losing a friend in reyes just wasn't necessary!!!!i still think they need to trade one of their bats for pitching help or maybe go all in for carlos gonzalez?? i wouldn't mind giving up a package including stroman for him b/c he's one of the best players in baseball.

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    I wouldn't trade Stroman, too young and too much potential to give up. LaTroy looked good, finishing the 6th inning in 8 pitches. I wouldn't mind seeing them package up Smoak and Valencia or something for a pitcher.

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    the price on pitching is too high i believe for smoak and valencia to be worth anything more than a middle reliever and our bullpen has been pretty decent this year eventhough we don't have a proven closer but osuna looks like the real deal.

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    I listen to the Fan often. I can't really say how their radio content is like compared to the local radio. The only difference that seems weird is they have traffic reports but I guess that makes sense with such a large city.

    I'm sad they got rid of the Tim & Sid show, that was fairly entertaining.

    Anyways I like listening to it because the US sports radio shows I get rarely even talk about baseball.

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    tim and sid are one tv now weekdays from 5-7 on all sportsnet stations!!!!! quite the debut for tulo but hitting lead off is a little strange. looks like travis will be out for an extended period so that's a major blow. i also saw a report that the tigers are interested in the likes of norris, boyd and another of prospect from the jays for price and if that's all they need to give up, then i say GO FOR IT.

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    well i guess i am no longer frustrated lol. jays are most definitely going all in this year and getting price without giving up sanchez or osuna is great. i think the chances of price signing with toronto are also pretty decent since he's been in the al east before and had a lot of success. here's hoping!!! hurts to see norris go but he's been up and down so far and boyd got lit up big time when he was here.

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    We got 2 all star players without giving up major league ready top prospects ( storman , sanchez , osuna ). I like it .. up to players now.

    But hard to hope for Price to re-sign , he is going to be offered "silly" amounts of money

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