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    Upper Deck Basketball Cards 1991-1992


    I like many people collected sports cards in the early 90's.

    Is the Upper Deck Basketball Cards 1991-1992 set worth anything or are they better to be in the recycling bin.

    I am interested in selling them if they are worth anything.


  2. Kronozio
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    Unfortunately early 90's basketball cards were overproduced so hold little value other than sentimental nowadays.

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    If you have the complete 500 card set, its book value is around $10 to $25. None of the single cards are worth much, though. Even the cool looking Jordan holograms are only worth a few bucks or so these days.

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    Ya too bad about those early 90s cards. Sucks that Shaq rookies are not valued much and that they look pretty awful
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    Thanks for the help. I am going to keep the cards I like and toss the rest.

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