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Thread: 87-88 basketball box

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    87-88 basketball box

    I have a full box of 1987-88 fleer basketball (second year)

    Just wondering if you think it is a good idea to sell it on ebay, or some other place? I have found a dealer online who say they pay $900 for the box, but do not see any recent sales on ebay, so it is hard to say what I should be looking to get for it.

    Thanks, Jason

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    900 would probably be about right... that is what Dave and Adams would buy it for... you might get a little more on the bay or whatever but then after fees and the headache that could follow i think it would be better to go to DA
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    yeah man, go for the flat, it'll be easier that way.

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    Thanks, thats kinda what I thought, just wanted to make sure!


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    Hey Jason, This is pretty weird... You grow up in Minnesota? I see from your public profile you live in Seattle WA... Reason Im asking is I went to High-School with a Jason Eggert... Youll have to get back to me on this...

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    Well, I sold it on eBay. Got $800 for my box. I contacted Dave and Adams about it and they said they wuld give me $800 for it (even though their website says they would give $900) But they were not very trusting. I told them that I had opened a box years ago and got 6 Jordans in the box. They said that was impossible and would not want this box if it were from the same person. There are almost 4 of every card in each box, plus I got 2 stickers. Maybe they thought I meant 6 of the regular cards. Whatever. I guess you have to be a little cautious buying old wax. $800 is fine with me.

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