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    Looking for 2014 and 2015 Stadium Club

    Anyone have any stadium club to help me build some sets. I am close on 2015 (#'s needed below) and I am going to go back do 2014 (I have one card so far) - Heres what I am looking for

    2015 - 61 68 135 143 154 190 197 208 260 266 277 278 300 (I have a lot of doubles too if you need help with a set)

    2014 - starting from scratch, will trade for any stacks or lots of 2014 with stars, rookies and commons, also interested in inserts from the set as well.

    I have a trade spreadsheet located below, if there is anything you like let me know...I have more as well so if you don't see a player, please ask...I'm adding little by little


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    I have a stack of 2014 stadium club, but I like to trade for Nolan Ryan which I see is someone you collect. If you want to let some go, hit me up.thanks Chris.
    Always looking for serial numbered Nolan Ryan cards. Also looking for 05 leaf sportscasters, 05 playoff biography, 05 zenith epix, and 04 leaf exhibits Nolan Ryan's. Now looking for Tiffany, opc and colored parallels

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