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    WANTED 1971-1981 Topps Baseball Singles or Complete Sets HELP

    Hello all,

    Not sure if this is the place I should post this, but, I need some help here. This is my first post, so, allow me to to introduce myself. My name is Richard, I live in Elk Grove, CA. Husband, father and longtime baseball fan. I am not a big collector, but have picked up things along the way. My good friend Robert, and his two boys, Aaron and Anthony, are collectors. They are sort of throw backs, as they do not have internet access. They pick up their cards via yard sales, ads in the paper, card shows etc...Below is my purpose for this post.

    Recently Robert lost his home and lifelong baseball card collection to a fire. He and his two boys, only collected sets. He had each topps card set from 1971-1981. All were destroyed in the fire. I am trying to get help with replacing what he lost. He rented the home for 16 years and did not have insurance. He has worked as a portrer for 20 years and does not make much. He has been able to stay at a local motel, and at my apartment off and on, and will soon be moving into an apt of his own. He is a single father. No injuries occurred, just the loss of some cherished items. Family photos, clothing etc...what made him and his boys happiest, were the cards. If anyone out there can help me help them, please let me know. Again, his cards were from 1971-1981 thank you. I know there will be some cost involved, or maybe not. I do not have the capital to just buy them for him, but, I will do what I can. I hope that I can get some help here. It is really about the boys. I do not want them to lose focus. I want to see them grow up and to stay out of trouble to put it blunt. The hobby is not the same as it use to be, but they seemingly do it the way it use to be and they truly enjoy it. If you can donate sets, singles or if you can help out with replacement sets at a fair rate, please let me know. My address is:

    Richard Rodness
    9766 Dartmoor Way
    Elk Grove, CA 95757
    Phone # 916-896-7830
    Email is:

    I thank you for hearing me out and I wish all of you well.


    Richard AKA Shortstop

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