I am trying to help out a friend of mine. He lost his collection, 1971-1981 Topps Baseball Complete Sets, in a home fire recently. He and his two boys, collected the sets and truly cherished them. I am offering this Upper Deck COA Autographed Mickey Mantle 8x10 Photo, up for trade for some sets. I obtained the auto in person in November of 94, at the San Mateo Sports complex. I had it custom framed with photo, ticket stub and state card. It is beautiful!! MINT 10 Signature. Rare 1951 No. 6. I have it valued at around 450.00. So, I would take equal value in 70's Topps Baseball Card sets for it. I posted a help request in this forum as well. This and a few other items, I will post them also, are all I have. I do not have money to buy him the sets, so I figure I can use what I have to trade for them? I know the items I have will go to someone that will also cherish them as I have, and how he and his boys will. The cool thing is, they are true collectors. I get a kick out of them. They are not worried about condition. They collect them to have them. To look at them and to enjoy them. As we did when we were kids.iphone pics2015 301.jpg