The other items I have for trade are:

1956 Mickey Mantle Sports Illustrated Complete No label
1953 Mickey Mantle Dell Baseball Annual Complete No label
1960-1963 Mickey Mantle Personal Model Bat 288D Model (Not an Index bat)
1950's Ballentine Mel Allen wooden Plaque
1964 Topps NR-Mint Sandy Koufax
1951 Bowman Ted Williams Ex
1969 Topps Bart Starr Near Mint

The Mantle bat was given to my father in the early 70's by Gordon B. Jones. Mr. Jones was a former MLB pitcher and longtime Sacramento resident. My father assisted Mr. Jones numerous times with automotive repairs. During a conversation one day, my Dad let out that he was a Yankees fan. So, in lieu of cash payment for the repairs, my Dad accepted the Mantle bat. It is the real mccoy. Not sure if anyone here knows how to validate the bat, but as I said and have looked up, the 288D, with Mickey Mantle personal model 34 oz etc...was choice of lumber. Not to mention, Mr. Jones played during the era, was a pretty well off guy, and honestly and stand up guy. I know the bat is worth at least 800.00 if not more. Please, let me know if you have interest in helping me out, to help out my friend and his two boys. Again, I do not have money, only what I have listed for trade.