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Thread: Carolina fans: Help me out

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    Carolina fans: Help me out

    OK, you know how it goes. A guy asks you for various players, you dig them all out, and then he decides to pass on most of them. Well before I go to the trouble of putting them all back perhaps some of you Carolina fans would have some interest.

    I have rookies, inserts, 2 gu and 2 autos for trade/sale, of the following players:

    Alonzo Mourning
    Larry Johnson
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Sean May 1 gu
    Rasheed Wallace
    Raymond Felton 2 autos, 1 gu

    See a similar post in fb trading if you wish. Thanks.

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    Are the auto's and GU's in college uniform?
    Wanting Jerry West & Former Tar Heels

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    Look to be in pro unis.

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