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    Post Gilbert Arenas banned from local fair after winning hoops game 15 times in a day

    Gilbert Arenas has not played in the NBA since 2012, but the three-time All-Star certainly has not lost his touch.

    Arenas spent the weekend at the Orange County Fair and managed to win the hoops game an impressive 15 times, scoring a whole lot of oversized stuffed animals in the process.

    So many in fact, that he was banned from playing the game.

    Arenas, 33, shared a photo of his winnings on Instagram, which included stuffed pandas, an elephant, some colorful teddy bears, a Minon and even a stuffed doughnut.

    His four children seemed to be thrilled with their father's haul in the photo, but the fair apparently has a limit to the number of prizes an individual can win on a game.

    That limit it turns out is 15.
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    Hibachi! Shame on his injury. I'm a huge Wizards fan and he was lights out!

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