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    12 Box case of Leaf ITGU - If you like vintage...

    ...then this would be your case. My favourite break ever - loved each box and the hits were there. Was really hoping for a Gretzky, but, you can't have everything (although I'm trying :). It was kinda feast or famine with this case - glad I picked up the whole thing.

    The vintage cards are AMAZING and I hit a two 1/1's, a 1/4 and only 8 McDavids - lol. Only problem is the Jagr auto Mem card is damaged - looks like it was stamped in the middle. Will have to talk to Leaf about that one.

    These are MOSTLY available. A few PC cards came up including a Sittler Rare Materials - very excited about that one! Email me if any are of interest and maybe we can work something out. Look forward to your thoughts and comments!

    PS: a BIG shout out to Scott at Stadium for hooking me up at a great price! I think I'll be ordering case #2!

    Box 1

    Box 2

    Box 3

    Box 4

    Box 5

    Box 6

    Kinda weird to see 3 of same cards in a row!

    Box 7

    Box 8

    Box 9

    Box 10

    Second Vintage Six card!

    Box 11

    Box 12

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    AAUGH! A Redemption card!

    Great case though! Love the vintage stuff and the designs.

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    Great break! Looks like a very solid product
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    I think they're going to kill the mcdavid value a little lol 9 in 12 boxes.
    Some sick vintage hits though man!!

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    Like The mcdavid/rnh dual patch and The price rare material Lmk if i have something for you

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    Very nice stuff , some great vintage hits and love the Sittler

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    Nice hits. At that price point though you think Leaf could do better than one colour on the maximum patch cards....Dr.Price must be shuddering...

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