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    WTTF Dustin Ackley (The Newest Yankee)

    What is out there? Let me know what you have and what you are looking for in return.

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    I have these cards.
    '09 Tristar Prospects #'s 2A, 2C, 80,82,89,93,97.
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    Looking for Cardinal autos I don't have and dupes of some I already own.
    Also cards not listed of the players on my Primary Wants list on my Wix site.
    Also looking for current Blues autos!

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    I have these available. Please lmk if you can use anything, thanks

    09 tristar prospects 80 ackley/tate
    10 bowman expectations be27 ackley/lopez
    10 bowman platinum pp6
    10 bowman topps 100 tp21
    10 topps pro debut 307 (2)
    10 topps tools of the trade tt11
    11 bowman topps 100 tp93
    11 bowman’s best prospects bbp6
    11 finest 76 (2)
    11 topps update us30 (3)
    11 topps Walmart blue us254
    11 tristar pursuit 5
    12 bowman platinum cutting edge stars ces-da
    12 topps target red border 315

    1998 score rookie traded star gazing #5 jeter, #8 ripken
    2000 fleer 3000 club ripken, carew, yount, boggs
    2002 topps ring masters #4 sheffield, #5 leiter
    2006 Upper Deck Special F/X WBC Counterparts #1 Yulieski Gourriel/Daisuke Matsuzaka
    2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out #’s 97
    Yankee Stadium Legacy Cards
    2004 leaf second edition #195 bonds

    Manufactured Patch cards 2009 forward
    2012 Topps Historical Stitches
    2012 Topps Retired Number
    2014 Rings
    2013 Topps Award Winners Trophy
    2014 topps rookie cup all stars
    2014 topps update commemorative world series patches
    2015 topps first home run PINS
    2015 topps logo pins
    2015 topps birth year coin and stamp

    Hof game used and auto’s TRADE 1 1/2 X FOR GAME USED, 2 X FOR AUTO’S IN YOUR FAVOR

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    I have:
    Ackley/Lopez 10 BE #27
    I am looking for IF Jose Peraza, Sandy Koufax inserts, other Dodger Rc's, cash or card cash.


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    I've got these:

    2010 Bowman Top 100 Dustin Ackley DP-21
    2012 Topps Golden Futures Dustin Ackley GF-6
    2015 Topps Robbed in Left Field Dustin Ackley R-1

    Can use any Phil Hughes you may have
    Ian Krol Supercollector: 25/53 (including 1/1), 25/31 (not including 1/1)Hidden Content
    sorry, but i can't send outside of the US
    Please respond to PMs or posts. If it books for less than $5, I don't care about BV.

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