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    Stopped at my LCS for supplies and bought 8 pack of 14-15 SPA

    I stopped by my LCS to pay for a group break. Got Pittsburgh , didn't get much. But when they did the random for the free spot for today's Monster break. I won a $240.00 spot. Now for the 8 Packs of 14-15 SPA.

    The hits were:

    Mirco Mueller FWA
    Shayne Gostisbehere FWA
    David Pastrnak FWA redemption

    a lot of good luck yesterday.

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    Was hoping id be the lucky one to get that spot lol. Good luck with it, hope you do good.

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    Whoever buys packs from the rest of that box is going to be an unhappy person lol
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    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
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    Are the FWAs available?

    Please send me a PM.

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