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    WTB nice lot of minis for my boys. Any brand, sport or year!

    If you know me you know I buy nice lots of mini cards for my sons. Any sport, brand or year. Looking for a nice lot that hasn't been cherry picked to the bone. Looking for some stars rookies and surprises in there for the boys to find. I'm not expecting a $100 auto just a nice assortment

    I have about $40 to spend on this. Just let me know if you are interested!! I'm hoping against all hope this isn't my last purchase but for my friends on here, you know where I'm at with my health. I'm currently on experimental chemo at Duke University. So let's make this a fun one. I can go to $50 if needed.

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    I am leaving town tomorrow for a week, but I have a nice lot of 13, 14 chrome, as well as 14 topps and 15 bowman mini's. Ill get you a count and will have a very fair price.


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    are you looking for like topps magic minis

    lmk will get a list

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    i have 87 of 2014 1963 minis of topps chrome many duplicates. i can get a bunch of them to you. looking for $20 for what i have here. pm me if you are interested.


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