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Thread: NT 1/1 Davante Adams FT/FS

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    NT 1/1 Davante Adams FT/FS

    Would like to trade this for an Andrew Luck 2012 Colored Ref, but not the Blue, Sepia, Gold, Red because this card does not match in value. However, I would add PP if willing to offer. Would also like to trade for other "rare" chrome RC. For example, Rodgers, Big Ben, Eli, etc. Do not have a value, but would be looking in the area of $135-$150 for trade value. Not really interested in players like, Johnny Manziel, Sam Bradford, Nick Foles, Colin Kaepernick, Blake Bortles, Bishop Sankey. Ideally, the older the better.

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    Nice looking cards, but only card I saw of interest is the RWilson 5 Star, which I am sure has a lot more trade value than the Adams. Thanks for the look

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