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    selling a few Roy's and Price's

    Looking to see if I can move any of these here before I put them up on ebay(ALL AS BIN's at a slightly higher price than I am asking on here):

    All prices are in USD dollars in include shipping.

    Carey Price 2008-09 SOTT $38

    Carey Price Significant numbers 1/31 $50
    Carey Price All the Kings men Jersey/Auto /100 $35

    Patrick Roy Superlative jersey and auto Avalanche /50 with seam $55
    Patrick Roy Superlative jersey and auto Habs /50 $50
    Patrick Roy Rookie Update Top Draws auto $55
    Patrick Roy BTP Game used number SP /9 $100

    If I don't sell them by tonight at 8pm EST, I'll be listing them for as BIN for slightly higher than this(without free shipping) on ebay.

    PM works best.
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    Looking for Patrick Roy, PK Subban, Carey Price, SPX SHADOWBOXES (ANY YEAR), Black Diamond Cup rings (Any year)

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