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    For Trade: 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson RC

    I have a spare 1980 Rickey Henderson RC for trade

    *Please note: this card has a slight amateur trim of the upper left hand corner.

    This card would make a nice place holder in a 1980 set binder while your really nice Rickey sits in a slab.

    Trade Value: $10-12

    *Card is slightly trimmed

    Scans available upon request - please leave an email address to send the scan to.

    Accepting: modern cards (commons ok): Topps base, A&G, Gypsy Queen

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    Iam interested . I have some stuff I could send you. Let me know
    Always looking for baseball HOF autos and Peyton Manning Autos/Rookies.

    Top 5 Most Wanted:
    1. Willie Mays certified autograph (prefer on card)
    2. Babe Ruth game used card (prefer jersey)
    3. Satchel Paige game used card (prefer jersey)
    4. Bo Jackson Royals autograph (prefer on card)
    5. Dan Marino autograph (prefer on card)

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    Looking for an assortment of either 2015 topps base or gypsy queen. About 10-15 bv worth would do it

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