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    Will minor league managers give a fan the lineup card

    I am going to a Lakeland flying tigers against Daytona Tortugas game and I was wondering if there was any chance I could get a Manger to give me the lineup card after the game and if so, who do I ask and how do I ask for it.

  2. Kronozio
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    ive gotten them before. I just ask the players, or the bat boy. They just throw them away otherwise.

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    OK thank you very much!! When should I ask and will they give it to me after or before?

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    always after the game. they will need it for the game itself. I got 2 broken bats, and the final out ball the other night from our Single A team, just be sure to be polite when asking, but at the same time there are usually a lot of kids asking for the same stuff, so just be aware (in other words, don't be "that guy")

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    Yeah I'll try to be as nice as possible and hopefully I'll be lucky enough to get something cool.

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    I also find it much easier, to get stuff from the away team, as most of their fans wont be there.

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    OK good point!! I don't think I'll have too much competition since it is only a single A game.

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    my single A team gets about 4-7 thousand per game, so you never know.

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    The ticket guy says Lakeland averages about 800 people a game.

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    Went to game, but they lost so nobody gave the lineup card and Ben Verlander gave a little kid his bat.

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