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    WTB Matt Ryan, Teddy Bridgewater or Jamaal Charles

    Looking to see what's out there. Looking for more mid-high end stuff.

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    I have this one available if you are interested: 08 SPX RC Auto/Patch Green #/99

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    Hve a nice 1/1 Jammal Charles auto in my bucket.

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    I have a Matt Ryan GU in my bucket. Lmk if you're interested.

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    Will take a look when I get a chance. Will pass on the spx auto but thanks!

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    Please follow and Like my new Facebook page, fun stuff to be happening soon!! Hidden Content

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    Brad I wish I could afford that but a bit more than what I'm going for right now. Thanks.

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    hello, please check my football bucket. i have some Bridgewater cards that you might like.


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    Have a Matt Ryan R&S rc and also have Jamaal Charles R&S rc. Pics of both in the pc part of my bucket. Lmk if interested in either.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
    If you don't respond to me then don't expect a response the next time!
    Not done with the hobby, but very picky at what I pick up.

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