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    2006-07 Sidney Crosby Auto Sweet Shot Signature Shots (damaged)

    Card was damaged in a recent eBay auction. Looking to unload it quickly before the weekend. Email money transfer preferred. $50USD or $65CAD shipped. Will be shipped in sleeve/toploader/bubble envelope).
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    Any takers? Don't wanna sound desperate but I'm broke haha.

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    Honestly just looking for email money transfer at the moment. Need formula for the little guy. PayPal takes 4 business days to clear to my account. If I find no takers I'll message you though. 40 CAD is a bit low.

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    I have never done an email money transfer. Is it easy to do?

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    Very very easy. All you have to do is log in to your bank account and it will walk you through the steps. Pretty much just select which account put my email and a security question and send.

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    Well i may be interested in a email transfer, bur as per site rules, you would have to send your card first before payment is made. This applies to all members with under 20 feedback.

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    We could do it over eBay then you can pay email transfer I'll mark it as paid and then you have the eBay guarantee

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    Well if you decide to list it on eBay, I would buy it for $40 CAD and email money transfer if you are interested. Send me a PM and let me know! Thanks.

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