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Thread: Orioles Want List

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    Orioles Want List

    Winston Abreu, Jeremy Accardo, Jay Aldrich, Rich Amaral, Mike Anderson, Matt Angle, Luis Aparicio, Greg Aquino, Danny Ardoin, Tony Arnold, Mitch Atkins, Michael Aubrey, Xavier Avery, Bob Bailor, James Baldwin, John Bale, Ray Barker, Ed Barnowski, Brian Bass, Kevin Bass, Matt Batts, Denny Bautista, Jose Bautista('04), Charlie Beamon, Rich Becker, Rob Bell, Joel Bennett, Jason Berken, Neil Berry, Fred Besana, Randor Bierd, Babe Birrer, Casey Blake, Tom Bolton, Ricky Bones, Bobby Bonner, Danny Boone, Dave Borkowski, Joe Borowski, Shawn Boskie, Brent Bowers, Chris Brock, Jim Brower, Jarvis Brown, Larry Brown, Mark Brown, Marty Brown, Ryan Bukvich, Dylan Bundy, Leo Burke, Pete Burnside, Brian Burres, Freddie Bynum, Tim Byrdak, Eric Byrnes, Fernando Cabrera, Napoleon Calzado, Hector Carrasco, Raul Casanova, Carlos Casimiro, Alberto Castillo(pitcher), Alberto Castillo(catcher), Foster Castleman, Bernie Castro, Wayne Causey, Norm Charlton, Raul Chavez, Rocky Cherry,
    Tony Chevez, Tom Chism, Alex Cintron, Terry Clack, Pat Clements, Gil Coan, Ivanon Coffie, Jeff Conine, Fritzie Connally, Mike Cook, Doug Corbett, Archie Corbin, Jim Corsi, Darwin Cubillan, Midre Cummings, Angelo Dagres, Jerry Davanon, Blake Davis, Butch Davis, Tommy Davis(99-00), Jim Dedrick, Mike DeJean, Luis Deleon, David Dellucai, Ike Delock, John DeSilva, Gordon Dillard, Mike Dimmel, Tom Dodd, Cory Doyne, Tom Dukes, Dave Duncan, Joe Durham, Jim Dwyer, Radhames Dykhoff, Adam Eaton(pitcher), Mike Epstein, Chuck Essegian, Chuck Estrada,Dana Eveland, Luis Exposito, Willie Eyre, Brian Falkenborg, Ed Farmer, Sal Fasano, Don Ferrarese, Mike Fetters, Mike Figga, Mike Fiore, Jeff Florentino, Eddie Fisher, Jack Fisher, Tom Fisher, Ryan Flaherty, John Flinn, Pedro Florimon, Hank Foiles, P J Forbes, Lew Ford, Jake Fox, Tito Francona,Alejandro Freire, Todd Frohwirth, Jim Fuller, Armando Gabino, Joe Gaines, Dave Gallagher, Jesse Garcia, Karim Garcia, Luis C Garcia, Billy Gardner, Geronimo Gil, Paul Gilliford, Lenny Green, Charlie Greene, Willie Greene, Bobby Grich, Jason Grimsley, Vladimir Guerrero, Ozzie Guillen, Jerry Hairston Jr., John Halama, Bill Hall, Dick Hall, Larry Haney, Ron Hansen, J J Hardy, Tommy Harper,Gene Harris, Willie Harris,Bob Harrison, Rorie Harrison, Mike Hartley, Paul Hartzell, Jimmy Haynes, Mel Held, Sean Henn, Luis Hernandez, Whitey Herzog, Rich Hill, L J Hoes, Jim Hoey,Darren Holmes, Brian Holton, Ken Holtzman, J R House, Trenidad Hubbard, Ken Huckaby, Rex Hudler, Phil Huffman, Keith Hughes, Mark Huismann, Dave Huppert, Jeff Huson, Jim Hutto, Dick Hyde, Pete Incavigllia, Ron Jackson, Chris Jakubauskasi, Stan Jefferson, Doug Johnson, Bob Johnson, Don Johnson, Mike Johnson, Nick Johnson, Steve Johnson, Ricky Jones, Jorge Julio, Paul Kilgus, Mike Kinkade, Mike Kinnunen, Willie Kirkland, Steve Kline, Jon Knott, Darold Knowles, Bob Kuzava, Tim Laker, Chris Lambert, Hobie Landrith, Tito Landrum, Don Larsen, Aaron Ledesema, Mark Lee, Jim Lehew, Jon Leicester, Don Lenhardt, Jose Leon, Mark Leonard, Dave Leonhard, Don Leppert, Mark Lewis, Matt Lindstrom, Diug Linton, Radhames Liz, Chuck Locke, Carlos Lopez, Javy Lopez, Luis Lopez, Steve Luebber, Julio Lugo, Fernando Lunar, Manny Machado, Robert Machado, Elliott Maddox, Joe Mahoney, Hohn Maine, Val Majewski, Julio Manon, Nick Markakis, Jim Marshall, Frank Mata, Charlie Maxwell, Derrick May, Mike McCormick, Bob McCrory, Roger McDowell, Chuck McElroy, Kevin McGehee, Mickey McGuire, Ryan McGuire, Jeff McKnight, Sam Mele, Francisco Melendez, Luis Mercedes, Cla Meredith, Jose Mesa, Kam Mickolio, Mike Milchin, Dyar Miller, Jim Miller, John Miller, Randy Miller, Stu Miller, Paul Mirabella, John Mitchell, Gustavo Molina, Izzy Molina, Bob Mollnaro.

    Want List #1

    Must be in orioles uniform or say orioles on front of card.
    Will buy or trade for team sets of 5,10,20 (no dupes) depends on how many cards you have to offer. Thank you

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    After going through about 3,000 "Bird's" cards I found these from your WANTLIST ---

    Bryan Bass - 2001 UD Star Rookie #58

    Napolean Calzado - 2002 Topps Chrome #321 - 2002 Topps #321

    Jeff Conine - 2002 Fleer Tradition #228 - 2000 UD #327 - 2001 Fleer Triple Crown #106 - 2000 Pacific #52 - 2001 Topps #683

    Jim Dwyer - 1986 Fleer #274 - 1988 Score #229 - 1985 Fleer #176 - 1985 Topps #56 - 1986 Topps #653

    Todd Frohwirth - 1992 Score #534 - 1992 Ultra #302 - 1994 Topps #242 - 1994 Topps Gold #242 - 1993 Topps #415 - 1993 Stadium Club #445

    Dave Gallagher - 1991 Topps #349

    Jesse Garcia - 2000 Fleer Tradition #304

    Vladimir Guerrero - 2011 Topps Lineage #41

    John Halama - 2006 UD #531 #ed 082/299

    J J Hardy - 2012 Bowman #17 sparkle

    Jimmy Haynes - 1996 Pinnacle #179

    Mike Kinkade - 2002 Fleer Tradition #346

    Jose Leon - 2003 UD First Pitch #3

    Radhames Liz - 2008 Topps #78 - 2006 Bowman Chrome #BC132 - 2006 Bowman Chrome #FG14

    Javy Lopez - 2005 Zenith #37 - 2004 Fleer Legacy #39

    Val Majewski - 2002 UD Future Gems #36

    Nick Markakis - 2008 Sweet Spot #78

    Bob McCrory - 2003 Bowman #BDP96

    Jeff McKnight - 1991 Topps #319

    Luis Mercedes - 1992 Donruss #6 - 1993 Topps #446 - 1993 Stadium Club #391

    Jose Mesa - 1991 Donruss #765 - 1991 UD #703 - 1992 Topps #310

    Mike Moriarty - 2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars #340

    Corey Patterson - 2006 Bowman Heritage #145

    Brandon Snyder - 2005 Bowman 1st year #BDP94 gold border

    If trading - I'm mainly looking for gu & auto's I need of Orioles, Nationals, and baseball HOFer's and "vintage" Orioles(1954-1970)

    If buying - make a reasonable offer, and include shipping in the offer.
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    Who do you have on my lists? Let me know and how much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickpoole74 View Post

    Who do you have on my lists? Let me know and how much.
    Machado rookies and some inserts for other orioles players, finest schoop auto '99, eduardo rodriguez gold refractor auto graded a 9 with 10 auto...let me know if interested at all

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    Any interest in the ones I have listed in post #2 ? If so, also in post #2 I've mentioned the main things I'm looking for in trade, and will sell too. PLMK. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OriolesFan View Post
    Any interest in the ones I have listed in post #2 ? If so, also in post #2 I've mentioned the main things I'm looking for in trade, and will sell too. PLMK. Thanks.
    no interest sorry

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    sportzfanatik - I didn't post on this thread to you, I posted to the creator of this thread - rickpoole74. rickpoole74 is who I'm waiting to hear from.

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    Napoleon Calzado-2002 topps #321
    Val Majewski- 2002 us future gems # 36
    Jeff Conine- 2001 topps # 683
    Nick Markakis- 2008 sweet spot # 78
    Jim Dwyer- 1988 topps #56
    Bob McCrory- 2003 bowman
    Todd Frowith- 1992 score # 534
    Jeff McKnight- 1991 topps # 319
    Dave Gallagher- 1991 topps # 349
    Jesse Garcia- 2000 fleer tradition # 304
    Jose Mesa- 1991 donruss # 765
    Vladimir Guerrero- 2011 topps lineage # 41
    J J Hardy- 2012 bowman # 17
    Jimmy Haynes- 1996 pinnacle # 179
    Mike Kinkade- 2002 fleer tradition #346
    Jose Leon- 2003 ud first pitch # 3
    Radhames Liz- 2008 topps # 78
    Javy Lopez- 2005 zenith #37

    Luis Mercedes I don't need now. Are all these in Orioles uniform? How does $5.00 for them sound? Thank you. Please send me address so I may send money to you.
    Thank you.

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    To answer your first "?", yes they are ALL pictured as an Oriole.
    In regard to "?" #2, yes $5 is fine (cash,check, or postal money order).

    So, if everything is okay with you, please post our deal in trade manager and I'll confirm.
    Thanks for the deal. Have a good day, Rodney

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