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Thread: Orioles Want List

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    Orioles Want List

    Andres Mora, Jose Morales, Willie Morales, Jose Morban, Mike Moriarty, John Morris, Chad Mottola, Lyle Mouton, Bobby Munoz, Greg Myers, Randy Myers, Carl Nichols, Dave Nicholson, Ramon Nivar, Donell Nixon, Matt Nokes, Dickie Noles, Tim Nordbrook, Jack O'Connor(pitcher), Darren O'Day, Billy O'Dell, John Donoghue(pitcher '68), John Donoghue( pitcher '93), Will Ohman, Jesse Orosco, John Orsino, Keith Osik, Willis Otanez, John Pacella, Dave Pagan, John Papa, Milt Pappas, Al Pardo, Mark Parent, Kelly Paris, Chad Paronto, John Parrish, Mike Parrott, Corey Patterson, Tom Patton, Steve Pearce, Albie Pearson, Orlando Pena, Hayden Penn, Yorkis Perez, Zach Phillips, Lou Piniella, Luis Polonia, Styart Pomeranz, Omar Quintanilla, Jamie Quirk, Tim Raines('01 '03-'04), Allan Ramirez, Clay Rapada, Jeff Reboulet, Tike Redman, Keith Reed, Steve Reed, Al Reyes, Jo Jo Reyes, Bob Reynolds, Luis Rivera, Sendy Rieal, Willis Roberts, Earl Robinson, Eddie Robinson, Sergio Ribles, Eddy Rodriguez, Guillermo Rodriguez, Nerio Rodriguez, J C Romero, Mel Rosario, Wade Rowdon, Willie Royster, Vic Roznovsky, Ken Rudolph, Josh Rupe, B J Ryan, Orlando Sanchez, Omir Santos, Victor Santos, Dennis Sarfate, Bob Saverine, Steve Scarsone, Bill Scherrer, Curt Schilling, Jeff Schneider, Kal Segrist, Al Severinsen, Keith Shepherd, Tommy Shields, Paul Shuey, Norm Siebern, Nelson Simmons, Pete Smith, Brandon Snyder, Russ Snyder, Miguel Socolovich, Sammy Sosa, Herman Starrette, Earl Stephenson, Garrett Stephenson, Adam Stern, Royle Stillman, Dean Stone, Willie Tasby, Fernando Tatis, Craig Tatum, Jesus Tavarez, Dorn Taylor, Taylor Teagarden, Luis Terrero, Jim Thome, Steve Tolleson, Eider Torres, Mike Torrez, Mike Trombley, Justin Turner, Shane Turner, Rick Van Denhurk, Andy Van Slyke, Dave Vangorder, Pedro Viola, Ozzie Virgil, Greg Walker, Jamie Walker, Jerry Walker, Jerome Walton, John Wasdin, Ron Washington, Chris Waters, Lenny Webster, Don Welchel, Eli Whiteside, Chris Widger, Matt Witers, Brian Williams, Dallas Williams, Todd Williams, Randy Wolf, Mark Worrell, Tim Worrell, Esteban Yan, Victor Zambrano, Phil Regan, Ray Miller, Duane Pillette, Dave Pope, Arnie Portocarrero, Johnny Powers, Jim Pyburn, Robin Roberts Brian Roberts, Aurelio Rodriguez, Ken Rowe, Chico Salmon, Dave Schmidt, Mickey Scott, Barry Shetrone, Al Smith, Vern Strphens, Sammy Stewart, Johnny Temple, Gus Triandos, Tom Underwood, Eddie Waitkus, Vic Wertz, Bill Wight, Hoyt Wilhelm, Jim Wilson, Gene Woodling, Bobby Young, Frank Zupo

    any one off of the last 5 years 2010 and up roster will take as well.

    Want List #2

    Must be in orioles uniform or say orioles on front of card.
    Will buy or trade for team sets of 5,10,20 (no dupes) depends on how many cards you have to offer. Thank you

  2. Kronozio
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    Do you happen to have a trade list by chance?
    PC: Longoria, Tulowitzki, Stanton, Kemp, Pujols, Randy Johnson, Chipper Jones, Joey Votto, Griffey Jr, Craig Biggio, Bagwell, Helton, Derek Jeter
    I trade by BV or @ least try to when available.
    Cards FT/FS~Hidden Content
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    I have these:

    2013 Bowman #39 Dylan Bundy RC
    2009 Topps #393 Alex Cintron
    1988 Donruss #459 Jim Dwyer
    2006 Upper Deck First Pitch #20 Alejandro Freire RC
    2012 Topps #571 J.J. Hardy
    2013 Topps Update #US125 J.J. Hardy
    2009 TriStar PROjections #9 L.J. Hoes
    2005 Topps #214 Jorge Julio
    2009 Topps #460 Nick Markakis
    2010 Topps #559 Nick Markakis
    2011 Topps 60 #T60-30 Nick Markakis
    2011 Topps #195 Nick Markakis
    2014 Topps Red Hot Foil #61 Nick Markakis
    2008 Bowman #36 Nick Markakis
    1992 Fleer #16 Luis Mercedes

    2006 Upper Deck #89 Corey Patterson
    1984 Donruss #332 Allan Ramirez (swash faded slightly on left)
    2004 Upper Deck R-Class #120 Eddy Rodriguez

    I would be looking for players in my signature, 2008 UD Documentary Phillies I need, and/or my 2015 Topps needs here:

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    I'll get you a description of what I have. Do you have a tradelist by any chance? If you are buying I'll sell you a lot of O's for next to nothing. (shipping isn't free tho ) I also have a lot ofthe QB's on your wantlist too. but I need to know of you want ANYTHING of those players or only rookies or only GU or what exactly you are looking for
    Needs: Brewers Pitcher Mark Rogers '04 pick
    Red Sox - HOF & Current Players
    Current Patriots Cards
    Larry Bird, Carmelo/Lebron/Wade RC's

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