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Thread: Entire bucket for sale

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    Entire bucket for sale

    LMK what you like! Wanna move tn! Now now now! Lol I got a card I can buy for my PC but only have til tonight to do so and need to rally up some PayPal. Thanks!

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    Interested in ifo empre olomu autos, Logan Thomas patch auto, Jordan Matthews auto, and. Rodgers black card from your other album. Can I get individual prices on these. Thanks

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    Dsloc - will do 3 on the ifo 10 on the blue refractor 7 on the Logan Thomas and 6 on the jordan Matthews. Would move that lot for 25 dlvd.

    everyone bumping this up because I have an opportunity to get another PC Card and would prefer to sell some cards I already have to get it.

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