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Thread: LTTF MVP Malcolm Subban RCs

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    LTTF MVP Malcolm Subban RCs

    going to try to start a PC of Malcolm. Looking to see if I can trade for all his RCs from this product. Lmk what you have and what player(s) and/or team(s) that you are looking for, thanks

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    I have these

    15/16 MVP Base card #180 Malcolm Subban RC
    15/16 MVP Colors and Contours #180 Malcolm Subban (Gold/Level 2)

    Need Most Canucks parallels/inserts and some Habs SP cards

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    have these 14-15 Canuck cards:
    Ice RCs:
    85 Brandon DeFazio 709/999
    103 Michael Zalewski 815/999
    MVP RCs:
    Ronalds Kenins
    color and countours Ronalds Kenins
    lmk, thanks

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    I can use the Zalewski RC and can send the Subban Colors and Contours (both BV6)

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