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    Buying These Basketball Players for cc

    Hi, I’m looking to buy some basketball cards for card cash. No need to make a list. Check what I’m paying for the players below:

    -Cards must be in NRMT-MT condition
    -No checklist cards (cards that show a specific player but also has a checklist on the card)
    -No Panini sticker cards
    -Must be from a licensed manufacturer
    -Multiple cards of the same player are fine, and I accept inserts, as well.
    -Any questions, please PM me. Thanks!

    -Aaron Gordon 4 cc each
    -Al Horford 3 cc each
    -Allen Iverson 4 cc each
    -Andre Drummond 5 cc each
    -Andrew Wiggins 6 cc each
    -Anthony Davis 6 cc each
    -Blake Griffin 4 cc each
    -Bobby Portis 4 cc each
    -Brook Lopez 4 cc each
    -Cameron Payne 4 cc each
    -Carmelo Anthony 4 cc each
    -Chandler Parsons 3 cc each
    -Chris Paul 5 cc each
    -D’Angelo Russell 8 cc each
    -Damian Lillard 5 cc each
    -Dante Exum 4 cc each
    -DeAndre Jordan 3 cc each
    -DeMarcus Cousins 6 cc each
    -Deron Williams 3 cc each
    -Derrick Favors 3 cc each
    -Derrick Rose 6 cc each
    -Devin Booker 4 cc each
    -Dirk Nowitzki 4 cc each
    -Doug McDermott 3 cc each
    -Dwayne Wade 5 cc each
    -Dwight Howard 3 cc each
    -Elfrid Payton 4 cc each
    -Emmanuel Mudiay 5 cc each
    -Eric Bledsoe 4 cc each
    -Evan Turner 3 cc each
    -Frank Kaminsky 5 cc each
    -Giannis Antetokounmpo 3 cc each
    -Gordon Hayward 3 cc each
    -Greg Monroe 3 cc each
    -Jabari Parker 5 cc each
    -Jahlil Okafor 7 cc each
    -James Harden 5 cc each
    -Jared Sullinger 3 cc each
    -Jeff Teague 3 cc each
    -Jeremy Lin 3 cc
    -Jimmy Butler 6 cc each
    -Joel Embiid 4 cc each
    -John Wall 6 cc each
    -Julius Erving 3 cc each
    -Julius Randle 4 cc each
    -Justise Winslow 5 cc each
    -Karl-Anthony Towns 8 cc each
    -Kawhi Leonard 4 cc each
    -Kelly Oubre Jr. 4 cc each
    -Kemba Walker 3 cc each
    -Kendall Marshall 3 cc each
    -Kevin Durant 7 cc each
    -Kevin Garnett 3 cc each
    -Kevin Love 4 cc each
    -Kevon Looney 4 cc each
    -Klay Thompson 4 cc each
    -Kobe Bryant 12 cc each
    -Kristaps Porzingis 6 cc each
    -Kyrie Irving 4 cc each
    -LaMarcus Aldridge 3 cc each
    -Lance Stephenson 3 cc each
    -Lebron James 14 cc each (Lebron-only insert sets 10 cc each)
    -Marcus Smart 4 cc each
    -Mario Hezonja 6 cc each
    -Michael Carter-Williams 4 cc
    -Michael Jordan 15 cc each (8 cc each for MJ-only insert sets)
    -Mike Conley 3 cc each
    -Myles Turner 5 cc each
    -Nerlans Noel 4 cc each
    -Nikola Vucevic 4 cc each
    -Noah Vonleh 3 cc each
    -O.J. Mayo 3 cc each
    -Paul George 3 cc each
    -Rajon Rondo 4 cc each
    -Ricky Rubio 4 cc each
    -Rodney Hood 4 cc each
    -Rudy Gobert 4 cc each
    -Russell Westbrook 5 cc each
    -Sam Dekker 4 cc each
    -Serge Ibaka 3 cc each
    -Shabazz Napier 4 cc each
    -Shaquille O’ Neal 4 cc each
    -Stanley Johnson (Pistons) 5 cc each
    -Stephen Curry 6 cc each
    -Steve Nash 3 cc each
    -Terry Rozier 4 cc each
    -Tim Duncan 4 cc each
    -Tracy McGrady 3 cc each
    -Trey Lyles 4 cc each
    -Ty Lawson 3 cc each
    -Tyreke Evans 3 cc each
    -Victor Oladipo 4 cc
    -Vince Carter 3 cc each
    -Willie Cauley Stein 4 cc each
    -Yao Ming 3 cc each
    -Zack Lavine 5 cc each

    I can use the following if they book for at least .75 each (newer/tribute cards are accepted):

    Bill Russell 5 cc each
    Bill Walton 4 cc each
    Charles Barkley 5 cc each
    Isiah Thomas 4 cc each
    Jerry West 5 cc each
    John Stockton 4 cc each
    Julius Erving 5 cc each
    Karl Malone 4 cc each
    Larry Bird 6 cc each
    Magic Johnson 6 cc each
    Wilt Chamberlein 5 cc each

    I'm also buying:

    -Any pro game-used or autographed card 100cc each
    -Any draft/minor league game-used or autographed card 30cc each
    -Any card graded by PSA or Beckett (BGS ONLY - NO BCCG) 150cc
    -Any card graded by BCCG, GAI, USA, SGC, etc. 75cc
    -Any 1986-87 Fleer basketball card 40cc each
    -Any 1987-88 Fleer basketball card 15cc each
    -Any serial #'d card 10 cc each

    -Any 1988-89 Fleer basketball card 3cc each

    Also, I’m paying 400cc each for GAME-USED cards of the following players (if you have autos of any of these players, PM me your asking price):

    -Allen Iverson
    -Anthony Davis
    -Andrew Wiggins
    -Blake Griffin (I’ll pay 600cc each for any Griffin GU I need)
    -Carmelo Anthony
    -Chris Paul
    -D’Angelo Russell
    -Damian Lillard
    -Deron Williams
    -Derrick Rose (I’ll pay 600cc each for any Rose GU I need)
    -Dirk Nowitzki
    -Dwayne Wade (I’ll pay 600cc each for any Wade GU I need)
    -Dwight Howard
    -Emmanuel Mudiay
    -Jabari Parker
    -Jahlil Okafor
    -James Harden
    -Jimmy Butler
    -John Wall
    -Karl-Anthony Towns
    -Kawhi Leonard
    -Kevin Durant (I’ll pay 600cc each for any Durant GU I need)
    -Kevin Garnett
    -Klay Thompson
    -Kobe Bryant (I’ll pay 800cc each for any Kobe GU I need)
    -Kristaps Porzingis
    -Kyrie Irving
    -Lebron James (I’ll pay 800cc each for any LeBron GU I need)
    -Mario Hezonja
    -Rajon Rondo
    -Russell Westbrook
    -Shaquille O’ Neal
    -Stephen Curry
    -Tim Duncan
    -Any HOF Player

    I will pay 300cc each for GAME-USED of the following players (if you have autos of any of these players, PM me your asking price):

    -Aaron Gordon
    -Andre Drummond
    -Bobby Portis
    -Brook Lopez
    -Cameron Payne
    -Dante Exum
    -DeAndre Jordan
    -DeMarcus Cousins
    -Derrick Favors
    -Devin Booker
    -Frank Kaminsky
    -Giannis Antetokounmpo
    -Gordon Hayward
    -Jeff Teague
    -Joel Embiid
    -Julius Randle
    -Justise Winslow
    -Kelly Oubre Jr.
    -Kemba Walker
    -Kevin Love
    -Kevon Looney
    -Marcus Smart
    -Mike Conley
    -Myles Turner
    -Nerlans Noel
    -Nikola Vucevic
    -Paul George
    -Ricky Rubio
    -Rodney Hood
    -Rudy Gobert
    -Sam Dekker
    -Shabazz Napier
    -Stanley Johnson (Pistons)
    -Steve Nash
    -Terry Rozier
    -Tracy McGrady
    -Trey Lyles
    -Ty Lawson
    -Tyreke Evans
    -Victor Oladipo
    -Vince Carter
    -Willie Cauley Stein
    -Yao Ming
    -Zack Lavine

    *I'm also buying cards of certain players in other sports - baseball, football and hockey. Here are the links to my buy pages for those sports:

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    I'm always looking to trade cards for original Nintendo (NES) games or rare D-Wade or MJ cards! Also, when sending cards out, please make certain the cards are well-protected and well-packaged.

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