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    you know you collect too much when

    just thought i,d start a thread with something that might be fun,i,ll put down my first 3 and we can go from there
    1 you trade for a card only to discover you already had 3 of them.
    2 you can,t go to walmart without checking the card aisle first.
    3 you know the card shop owners whole family on a first name basis.
    let,s see some others i,m sure you guys and gals have some great ones take care spuds

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    You know you collect too much when...

    1). a client hands you his card and you ask for it's book value.

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    you know when you collect to much when

    1) you spend your weekend looking for ebay steals
    2) a % of your pay check goes to cards
    3) you have more cards then cockroaches

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    you stop a few bucks short of filling your tank to pick up a pack or two at Wal-Mart...did that today :)

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    you complain to your boss that you need more "you time"

    aka ebay!

    stupid i know!

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    You tell your wife you are going to the store to grab some milk, with every intention on stopping by Target and pick up some packs.

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    #1 You have more frequent headaches at bedtime soo you can get up for a "midnight snack" called E-BAY!!!!!!!!!!

    #2 Your Priorities are GOD, Sportscards, food, everything else

    #3 Your mailday consists of 5 packages of cards and a dirty magazine AND the magazine is still in it's wrapper.

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    say i love you and your wife thinking your telling

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    1) your desk if literally covered in cards
    2) you have over $3000 worth of base cards
    3) when you start to wonder if there is a 12 step program to quit "card collecting"

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