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    2014/15 UD AHL: 64 of 98 Autographs

    As of August 13 2015, I'm giving up on the auto parallels set! :( Although I was at 64 of 98, or approx. 2/3 of the set, I've got too many things on the go. So, finish your set, or get your fave AHL player right here. I don't think I've seen any other eBay seller list 64 different ones from this set at once, so go nuts. :) They're all up on my eBay.

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    very cool collection good luck with finishing it off
    Super Collecting Marian Hossa

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    kuzniar42: LOL. I actually wrote at the top of the post that I decided to give up on this set. Too much on the go. Need the $ toward a couple more important projects. :P

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    can't remember if i replied. :)

    anything i have for sale right now (2014-15 AHL, 2012-13 OPC All-Stars and Pop Ups, misc other) are all on my ebay for 0.99 each.

    hope i will see some bids from you. :)

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