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Thread: 2015 Inception breaks

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    2015 Inception breaks

    Over the years I have tried my luck at Topps Inception but have never had any luck on pulling a player I really wanted. The cards look great but so far, I just haven't hit that player. Took another shot yesterday and bought three boxes.

    Autos were not worth scanning but here are the three auto mem cards. Dolphins patch is pretty good looking in my opinion. As for Yeldon, I have hit his auto in every product I have opened this year, if he hits as a player I will be in the chips!

    Best looking card, hit his patch in Prestige as well

    Good luck with your breaks

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Did you happen to hit any Lesean McCoy numbered base cards? Plmk I'm interested in trading or buying them. Thanks!!

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