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Thread: NFL MINI-HELMETS for sale !

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    NFL MINI-HELMETS for sale !

    Are you ready for some football? I have an assortment of various NFL mini-helmets available for $20.00 ea. Many teams and a few throwback (old) versions.
    GIANTS - (Old- GIANTS logo)
    JETS - (Old green helmet)
    PATRIOTS - (Old white helmet)
    BILLS - (Old white helmet early 80's)
    PANTHERS (Past logo)
    JAGUARS (Past logo)
    BUCCS (Past logo Pewter helmet)
    SEAHAWKS -(OLD original helmet)

    49ers - (Old - J. Montana era)
    Broncos (J. Elway era)
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    Does the $20 include shipping? If not, how much to ship?

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    Yes, iam asking for $20.00 s/h is encluded. Just want to get rid of these to whoever wants them.

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