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    My White Sox vs. Angels game success 8/12/15

    I went to the game last night with my parents to see my favorite player, Mike Trout. I've been to Sox vs Angels games the last 2 years and got to see Trout hit a home run each year. Unfortunately, he didn't hit one this year and the Angels got swept. Hardly anyone came over next to the Angels dugout during batting practice. Shane Victorino signed but only for 3 or 4 people. I was only able to get one autograph, newly acquired David Murphy. I had a 2015 Topps Heritage to get signed. He took his time and also signed for a bunch of other people. Mr. Murphy has a nice signature and even included his #19 and a bible verse, Gal 2:21. My dad also got one autograph but this one was a little different. There are always people on the field during batting practice in a roped off area. There were a few guys in the area right next to where I was standing. A bunch of Angels players and coaches would walk by and talk to him. My dad said he looked familiar and thought he was a former player. My dad heard Angels manager Mike Scoscia walk by and say "Hey Speiz". My dad must have been the only one that heard or was paying attention because he looked on his phone and showed a picture. He said "Is this the guy that's standing over there" ? It was and I asked who it was. My dad said it's former player (and Angel) Scott Spiezio. I guess he's from the Chicago area and he hit a 3 run homer in game 6 of the 2002 World Series for the Angels. My dad walked up to the walk behind Spiezio and said "Hey Scott", he turned around and my dad asked him if he could have his autograph. He said sure and signed my dad's ticket. I thought it was pretty cool that my dad was the only one to recognize Spiezio and then ask for an autograph. My dad told me after that we probably should have had something else with us just in case someone is there we don't expect.
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