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    Ken Strong SP Legendary Cuts auto, rare HOF auto for trade

    As title says
    picture below

    looking for Packers, other HOF items, or paypal

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    I probably cant afford it, but what would your price be? Ive been looking for a Strong for a while

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    There is one similar on eBay for $139 dlvd. I could do $100 dlvd paypal

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    Ill pass, he has other ones that seem to be cheaper, and Im not picky on the set...thanks though
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    any other hof autos fs/ft?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JK-Amsterdam View Post
    any other hof autos fs/ft?
    ken strong
    marion motley
    leo nomellini
    red badgro

    all are pack pulled cut autos

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    What do you have of Nomellini?

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    Everything is available except for PC
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    Check us for it, thanks

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    Great interest in Yanks, Ravens and Celts.......

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