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    Ive got (6) PSA Velvet Graded Card Holders for Cc 250 Ea Dlvd...

    I have a large batch of Beckett Graded Cards coming, and I just dont feel I need these anymore... They are all in perfect shape I think Ive only ever used one of them... If you have a High End PSA Graded card, you definitely need one of these... Im not sure you can even get them anymore, I checked the PSA sight to see what they go for and I didnt see anything... I will trade for 250 Cc each If you want Delivery Confirmation it will be 300 Cc... If you want all 6, 1200 Cc Dlvd!

    Follow this link for the picture...

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Ok 1000 Cc For all of them Delivered... These things retail for 3-4 bucks each and then you have to pay shipping on your order... You know you can use these...

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    Anyone today? Ill drop the price again... 900 Cc or $10 Paypal for all of them! Very Nice for PSA Graded!!!

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