Hey fellow collectors.
I've slowed down In the hobby but have some stragglers on my wantlist I would love to buy/ trade for to wrap up some very old projects.

I may post some pics of some trade items and also almost complete sets, my 96-97 jerseys etc if I get a lot of interest. Thanks in advance for any help!

My wantlist is

96-97 Upper Deck Game Jerseys

97-98 BAP Autos #1 Lindros (Silver or Prismatic)

03-04 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia:

Limited Auto: #158 Roy

Also let me know any gold autos, jersey autos, emblem autos, number autos etc you have from this set

05-06 BAP Auto: BG Guerin, BS Shanahan, LA Lang, RD DiPietro, RL Luongo– also let me know of any trios or quad signatures you have.

06-07 BAP Autos: Let me know any trio signatures, foursomes, Up Close & Personal Autos or Profile autos you have.

07-08 BAP Autos: Let me know of any trios, foursomes, five star, six star etc

08-09 BAP Autos: Let me know of any foursomes, five star, six star etc

09-10 BAP Autos: SDR Roy, SEM Malkin, SJC Carter, SPS Stastny, SZC Chara – the six star auto and 8 star auto.

09-10 BAP Autos – Players Club autos /10