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    Various NFL McFarlane figures for sale

    I have a wide variety of NFL figures, all lose and in perfect condition. Asking $5.00 ea. and $5.00 s/h.

    Chiefs - Priest Holmes, sr.9 x2, white jersey, red jersey and series 6 , Trent Green x2 white jersey, red jersey, Marcus Allen, Matt Cassell, and Rich Gannon
    Packers - Ahman Green
    Chargers - Antonio Gates (light blue)
    Colts - Edgren James
    Browns - Brady Quinn, Peyton Hillis
    Saints - Duce McCallister, Joe Horn
    Patriots - Teddy Bruschi
    Cardinals - Matt Leinhart
    Redskins - Clinton Portis
    Jets - Mark Sanchez,x2, Chad Pennington, L. Tomlinson, Wayne Crebett, 2pk- sanchez, green, Brett Favre (white jersey)
    Bears - Cedric Benson
    Dolphins - Junior Seau
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    I can use these but wouldn't be able to pay for a few days.

    Panthers - Jake Delhomme, Steven Davis

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