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    Question Redemption Cards

    Not a real card collector but I was interested in picking up some redemption cards on a few specific players. Question is will a card company allow me to redeem multiple (10+) cards from the same set? Just browsing the back of the redemption it has a several cases where they claim they will void it. "Not obtained legitimately" is the one which concerns me.

    So do these companies really care or is this nothing to worry about?

    And as a side question would it be more valuable to not redeem the card and just keep the actual redemption card? (I assume more get redeemed so technically the redemption card would be more scarce)


  2. Kronozio
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    You don't want to just hold onto a redemption card because they expire and then they're worthless. As far as I know there are no limits on how many redemption cards you can buy/pull or submit. I think what "not obtained legitimately" means something like say a photo copy or fake redemption card. Hope this helps

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    Yea dont hold on to it send it in and get something for it right away cause if you wait you will have a worthless card insted of a card that you could've had.

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    Also, be careful with UD redemptions. Most of the time they take forever to ship your cards.

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    To be honest i would just call up the card company and ask their customer service.

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