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Thread: 1988 Topps Big team sets

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    1988 Topps Big team sets

    `Hello all,
    I recently obtained a complete set of 1988 Topps Big and as a Cubs fan I did the natural thing, ripped apart the set to make a Cubs team set. Do now I have 25 other team sets. would be interested in trading a team set for Cubs cards and/or Sandbergs. I have most of the Sandbergs printed in this era, so it will probably be Cub cards or team sets. If interested, just let me know. thanks.

    Teams NOT available (more as a reminder of the change of the game)
    Chicago Cubs (went to my collection)
    Arizona Diamondbacks (did not exist)
    Colorado Rockies (did not exist)
    Miami (Florida) Marlins (did not exist)
    Tampa Bay Rays (did not exist)
    Washington Nationals (formerly the Montreal Expos, and yes the Expos are available)

    NOTE: Cards are determined by the uniform on the player and the team name on the back, not by the inaccurate nonsense from Beckett.
    (example: Keith Moreland is in a Padres uniform, says San Diego Padres on the back and is listed as a Cubs. I found a few more instances of this. Would send a accurate team listings on request.) Thanks.
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    I would be interested in a Phillies set. I am on vacation right now, and I will get back to you with a list of Cubs inserts/parallels I have available.

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