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    Accidentally ended up with a beautiful Player PC

    Hi everyone,

    I have done a number of deals recently for some cards that I really like. I wasn't really planning on starting a Player PC of Stamkos but it just sort of happened that way.

    First off, a local deal at a card show gave me these two (that I've shown before). I've always liked Stamkos and they came to me in a deal that helped a friend land a big PC item from me. To add, the patches are just exceptional!

    So then earlier this week, I saw a card with one of my favorite designs go without a single bid on eBay. I contacted the eBay seller and we made a quick and easy deal for this one!

    So, by this time, I'm feeling good about the cards I have. But I get a surprise call from a board member telling me he has some stuff for sale. After shooting the s**t for a while, we close a nice and easy deal for these ones!

    And the best of the newest ones...

    What a patch!!

    And no post would be complete without a cool new Rask! Chased this one down for a long time and think the rookie buyback thing is kind of neat!
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    My bucket:

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