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    seahawks rc autos, seattle mariners if you have auto/patches (base)....possibly more. just looking for great deals!

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    mainly looking for autos but how much are you looking for on it?

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    Have a Carlos Hyde Certified mirror Emerald auto 4/5 if interested let me know.


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    can yo u send a pic? might be a little highend for me but lmk price

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    Ill Get a scan up in a bit. What else are you looking for? I can create a nice lot for you.

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    sweet cards man. maybe the odell beckham chrome auto, marquise lee limited and paul richardson auto/patch (seahawks)

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    Check my bucket, let me know if you like anything!

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    nothing really i can used man but thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by gatorscollector View Post
    Check my bucket, let me know if you like anything!

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    Which Odell Chrome? Base or Refractor auto? I have a bunch more limited patches as well. Looking for Seahawks?

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