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    Selling Game Used For Cheap!!! As Low As A Dollar!!!

    Are you looking to start a collection but dont have enough money to buy alot of packs and/or a box of baseball cards? Or are you just a team or player collector that likes to get what every you dont have of that team/player? Or are you a person that just likes to buy things...well i suggest buy from me, I am trying to get rid of all my cards on this site because i think this is probabaly the most organized and probably the best card site that is available. I am trying to get rid of these cards as cheap as I can. I would love for you to buy these items from me, it wont just help me but you.

    The Prices Are Listed Beside The Card

    Anderson,Garret 2004 Throwback Threads Jersey /100 $1.50

    Aurilia,Rich 2004 Topps Bazooka Blasts Bat $1

    Beckett, Josh 2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs Sweet Stitches Jersey /153 $1.50

    Benitez,Armando 2002 Topps Top Ten Jersey $1

    Cameron,Mike 2005 Leaf Shirt Off My Back Jersey $1.50

    Finley,Steve 2005 Playoff Prestige MLB Game Worn Collection $1.50

    Klesko,Ryan 2004 Donruss Studio Game Day Souvenirs /300 $1.50

    Lowell,Mike 2004 Playoff Honors Piece of The Game /250 $4 (comes with screw down case)

    Loretta, Mark 2005 Topps Pristine Personal Pieces Common Bat $1.50

    Mulder,Mark 2003 Bowman Heritage Diamond Tributes $2

    Palmeiro,Rafael 2005 Topps Turkey Red Bat $1.50

    Snow, J.T. 2005 Playoff Prestige MLB Jersey Coll. $1.50

    Thome,Jim 2004 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes Jersey $1.50

    Vidro,Jose 2004 Topps Pristine Fantasy Favorites Bat $2

    and 3 kent game used from topps 206(jersey)...ud diamond connections (bat)...sp gaem used edititon (jersey), those are all $1.50 each


    01-02 topps champs and contenders chellenging the champ jersey jason terry $1.50

    04-05 fleer throwbacks rookie jerseys chris duhan $2.50

    01-02 topps xpectations class challenge warm up steve francis $1.50

    03-04 sp hame used edition authentic fabrics jersey lamar odom(bigger type of jersey swatch) $2

    Plmk what you are interested in!

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    Will take the Thome Jersey....Please PM me

    Thanks, I will get back with you tomorrow afternoon and you can post the deal.


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    ill take all the gu u have listed at a $1
    COMC.COM Cards For Sale: Hidden Content


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    04-05 fleer throwbacks rookie jerseys chris duhan $2.50

    ill take that for 2

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    ill buy all the gu's u have for a dollar if u have any left

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