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Thread: New to this Site

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    New to this Site

    Hello everyone, My name is Jason. I am new to this site but i do a lot of trading on beckett and card trading fools. I see a lot of you i trade with on Beckett. I collect a little of everyone. Urlacher is my favorite player. Well my trade site is updated, so come in and lets trade!

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    what are you looking for on the bush prestige xtra points?

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    let me look at your trade list and i will get right back to you. The bush books $50.00

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    bure-i didn't see anything i could use for the Bush. Thanks for the reply

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    Could use these from your site, check my page::

    Topps Draft Picks and Prospects: Senior Standoff Jersey--Shaun Cody
    Ernie Sims (274/599)
    Ernie Sims Aspirations (29/66)
    Dennis Northcut(249/1000) holo silver


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    Welcome to SCF ! Hope to do a lot of trades w/ you. We can start with these LOL

    2000 Fleer Autographics: John Randle
    Jim Kelly-SP Authentic Stat Jersey(111/403)
    Derrick Brooks-Topps Reserve(Pro Bowl Jersey)
    Steve Largent-Donruss Classics Singles (120/215)
    2001 Quantum Leaf: Millennium Materials--Dan Founts(66/100) - Is this GU'ed ?

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    Interested in the Donruss Elite Chad Johnson jsy.
    lmk if you see anything u like. Have a 2005 Leaf R&S Crusade red Urlacher jsy in the bucket.

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    fact81-send me a email

    joker-thanks for the reply, but i didn't see anything i could use

    blewis-i would gladly trade the johnson jersey for the urlacher. Send me a email Thanks

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    catchshorty-i didn't see anything i could use. Thanks for the reply

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