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    Calling anyone with Ben Gordon and Emeka Okafor!

    really need their 04/05 topps chrome rc's...will trade high for them...please let me know what you like?

    thanks everyone for the help!

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    i got the gordon chrome. lemme check ur bucket

    EDIT: checked it, and gonna just list everything I like

    tmac triple gu
    tmac/yao gu
    kobe/g/mj floor
    both kobe dual gu

    some others, but those most.

    oh, and i also have RIP hamilton and Luol Deng sizzling swatches, if you need them too.
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    need both the gordon and the swatches

    can do the tmac's for them let me know? tmac triple is BV $30
    tmac dual BV is $20 so let me know

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    I have the Okafor rc, I'm interested in the J.Smith SPA auto, pm me

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    i have Okafor jersey SP out of Luxury Box (in bucket)... lmk if we can work something out for the Marbury Auto...
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    I have the Okafor chrome refractor rc if interested?

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    hey i have a luxury box rc of okafor i need to move, plmk if u might want it, thanks

    sorry i dont have my card anymore
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    got the Emeka Okafor regular Topps Chrome rc and the Gordon Topps Chrome regular rc..lmk if you still need them
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