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Thread: haha wut a joker!!

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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    lol...............That is funny; and it's not a bad marketing idea either!!!!!

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    thats hilarious!! i have about 100 cards from the early 90s with my auto on them (had to see what of that stuff was good for in person autos!! turns out not much of it was, lol)....kind of a waste of a perfectly good bush card though, not to mention the listing fees!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deansayso
    The fact that it has bids is sad.

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    well it is a great i put up a max of 40 on it without reading the description then felt like a tard and retracted my

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    why waste a card first of all but a Reggie Bush ...this kind of acts makes me really mad ....that guy doesnt deserve to collect sports cards....someone off him

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    That is sad!!

    someone off him

    I'm your huckleberry.......:new_snipe :new_2guns

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    its amazing what lengths people will go to in order to get money

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