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    Updates, Looking to trade all but Pats stuff

    Have a few new things in and im bored just looking to do some trading or selling or sell/trade combos.

    Looking for current Pats stuff and other nice rookies and Autos that I like

    LMK what interests you.

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    check my list and photobucket
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    Yu Darvish, TEXAS RANGERSand Dallas Cowboys

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    Somewhat interested in the Brady GU, but the crease makes me leary

    Anyone else trade around here?.....some nice stuff, not a ton but nice none the less (Edwards RC Auto, Eli PTT Auto)

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    Well im doing it for half.
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    Yu Darvish, TEXAS RANGERSand Dallas Cowboys

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    Tyler - Ill think ill pass, thank you though.........I appreciate the response.

    Stephen - Im very interested in the 04 Leaf Limited Steven Jackson auto 3 color patch #/150, let me know if we can work a bigger trade.

    Baller - I like the Cris Carter Auto and the Steven Jackson Jersey

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    Interested in the DeMeco Ryans and DJ Shockley Elite RC's that you have, lmk if you see anything on my site that you need.
    Thx - Brent

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