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Thread: DA Card World Question

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    DA Card World Question

    Do dave and adam's take cash? And are there prices including shipping?

    Any help is appreciated THX

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    No and no. Check, Money Order, PayPal, Credit card or Bank Wire only. Shipping is determined in the checkout.

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    Sweetdizzel- kr580 is actually wrong here (doesnt happen often) But they do take CASH. Cash is all I really send ( I hide it well) and when I buy my boxes from dacardworld and gamedaysportscards they both take cash. DA told me to just mark off as check/money order when ordering. I ordered at least 3-4 times with cash and everything went smooth! You can email their customer service and they will tell you the same thing thats what I did before I sent the first time and they told me it would be fine

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    Oh, hah. Good to know. I was just going off their Help page.

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