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RC's - listed by year!

'05 RC's - '05 RC's
Matt Jones UD Rookie Kickoff
Roddy Write UD rookie Kickoff
Corey Webster - Donruss leaf rc and stars
Scott Starks - Donruss leaf rc and stars
Travis Daniels - Topps Total
Alvin Pearman (x2)(1 with silver trim 1 with white trim)-Topps Total
Oshiomogho Atogwe - Topps Total
Donte Nicholson - Topps Total
Ciatrick Fason - Topps Total
Alex Smith - Topps Total
Troy Williamson/Ciatrick Fason - donruss leaf rookies & stars nfl checklist
Chris Canty - Donruus leaf rookies and stars
Karl Payman - Donruss leaf rookies and stars
Manuel Wright - donruss leaf rookies & stars
Antonio Perkins - donruss leaf rookies & stars
Robert McCune - donruss leaf rookies & stars
Cedric Killings - donruss leaf rookies & stars true green #d 097/100

'04 RC's - '04 RC's
DARIUS WATTS - Topps /999
Playoff Prestige Round 2
Upper Deck Star Rookie
TATUM BELL - Topps Draft Picks and Prospects
Playoffs Prestige Round 2
Fleer Tradition
Fleer Platnium /499

'03 RC's - '03 RC's
Brian St. Pierre - UD Rookie Premeires
J.R. Tolver - Topps
Rohan Davey - UD rookie premieres
Musa Smith - UD Rookies premieres
Shaun Mcdonald - UD
Bethel Johnson - Topps
Andre Johnson - Press Pass JE
Byron Leftwich - Topps Total
Byron Leftwich - Press Pass JE (checklist)
Michael Haynes - Topps Total
Talman Gardner - UD Star Rookies
Seneca Wallace - UD rookie Premieres
Shane Walton - Donruss leaf rookies and stars
Eugene Wilson - Donruss leaf rookies and stars
Onterrio Smith - Press Pass JE
Brad Banks - Topps
Lee Suggs - UD Star Rookies
Labrandon Toefield - UD MVP
Justin Fargas - UD rookie premeires

'02 RC's - '02 RC's
Ashley Lelie - Fleer skybox genuine Upside /599
T.J. Duckett - Bowman
Antwaan Randle El - Pacific Draft
Antwaan Randle El - Score
Kyle Johnson - Bowman
Donald Reche Caldwell - Score
Donald Reche Caldwell - UD MVP
Donald Reche Caldwell - Topps Resreve /999
Justin Peele - Bowman
Antonio Bryant - UD MVP
Chad Hutchingson - Bowman
Chester Taylor - Score
Chester Taylor - UD MVP
Anthony Weaver - Score
Patrick Ramsey - UD Honor Roll Students of the Game
Patrick Ramsey - Topps
Patrick Ramsey - Bowman
Jason Mcaddley - Bowman
Eric Crouch - Bowman
Brandon Doman - UD MVP
Daniel Grahm - Bowman
Josh Mccown - Bowman
Josh Scobey - Score
Freddie Milons - Bowman
Brian Westbrook - Score
Javon Walker - Bowman
Javon Walker - Score
Marquise Walker - Bowman
Jabar Gaffney - Press Pass JE
Jabar Gaffney - Score
Jabar Gaffney - Topps
Jon Mcgraw - Bowman
Maurice Morris - UD Honor Roll Students of the Game
Ross Tucker - Bowman
lito Sheppard - Score
Josh Reed - Press Pass JE
David Garrard - Bowman
David Garrard/Rohan Davey - Fleer/skybox
Wendell Bryant - UD Football Freshman Honor Roll /1375
Tank Williams - Bowman
Andre Davis - Score
William Green - Score
Lamont Thompson - Score
Tim Carter - Score
Joey Harrington - Score
Cliff Russel/Chester Taylor - Fleer/skybox
Cliff Russel - Press Pass JE
Ladell Betts - Press Pass JE
Phillip Buchanon - Score
Raonall Smith - Score
Cwight Freeney - Score

'01 RC's - '01 RC's
Anthony Thomas - UD Victory
Gerard - UD Victory
Chad Johnson - UD Victory

'00 RC's - '00 RC's
Fleer Tradition Tom Brady/Dave Stachelski Rookies to Watch
Plaxico Burres - Fleer/skybox Impact
Laveranues Coles - UD MVP
Ron Dayne - fleer/skybox Impact

'99 RC's - '99 RC's
Champ Bailey - Collectors Edge

'98 RC's -'98 RC's
Brian Griese - Fleer Brilliants

'97 RC's - '97 RC's
Charles Woodson - Collectors Edge
Peter Boulware - Pinnacle
Jake Plummer - Pinnacle

'88 RC's - '88 RC's
Vinny Testaverde - Topps Super rookie

Tatum Bell Donruss Playoff Absolute memorbilia Marks of Fame Auto/GU /300 (HTG)
Rod Smith GameDay Jerseys
2001 Fleer Ultra Skybox Rod Smith Sundays Best Game Jersey
2005 SPx Swatch Supremacy GU jersey Anquan Boldin

Anquan Boldin Zenith Z Graphs (incoming)
D.J. Williams '04 Donruss Playoff Hogg Heaven Pig Pens (RC)(HTG)
2004 Upper Deck Finite HG Signatures Roy WIlliams (incoming)
2006 Press Pass Autographs Silver Maurice Stovall (incoming)


Nice Inserts:
2005 Donruss Terrell Davis/John Elway/Rod Smith Throwback Threads Dynasty
2005 Donruss Classics John Ewaly/Jake Plummer Past & Present /500
1999 Upper Deck Terrell Davis TD Salute
2004 Topps Bowman Chrome Jake Plummer /500
Daunte Culpepper Playoffs Absolute Memoribilia Spectrum #d 010/150
Micheal Vick - 2003 (skybox) Fleer Ultra Award Winner
Marshall Faulk -UD MVP top ten performers
Quadry Ismail - UD Ionix
Doug Williams - Topps Super Bowl XXII MVP Ring of Honor
Micheal Strahan - UD MVP top ten performers
Tim Couch - UD MVP Term MVP
Randy Moss - fleer/skybox Impact rewind 99
Jerry Rice - UD power surge
Jerome Bettis - fleer/skybox authority football
Fred Taylor - UD MVP strictly buisness
Elvis Joseph - UD Honor Roll Standout Sophmores
Tom Brady - Topps Chrome weekly wrap up
Ricky Watter - fleer/skybox genuine
Tshimanga Biakabutuka - pacific
Tony Gonzalez - fleer/skybox impact rewind 99
Juinor Seau - fleer/skybox tradition throwbacks
Brett Favre - tpps hobby hasters - Pinnacle instincts
Mcnabb - UD super powers
P. Manning
Preist Holmes Total Production (nice card!!)- Topps Total

Triple Threats
Arizona Cardinals - Plummer/Jones/Boston
Kansas City Chiefs - Green/Holmes/Morton
New Orleans Saints - Brooks/McCalister/Horn
Denver broncos - Griese/Davis/Smith


2005-06 First Row PTP Relics Dual Steve Nash (VHTG)


FRANK THOMAS 00 Pacific Paramount Update AGS Gem Mint 10

Cards -
Steve Ontiveros (signed in Person)
Jay bell (signed in person)
Ron Coomer (Signed in person)
Mark Mulder (signed in person)
Baseballs -
Joe Girardi Game Used ball (signed in person)

GU's Patches:
Randy Johnson Upper Deck Sweet Spot Threads
2005 Leaf Century Collection Michael Young Jersey/Stamp #24/69

Sweet Inserts:
NOMAR GARCIAPPARA 04 SP Game Used Patch Significant Numbers #ED/372
JEFF KENT 04 SP Game Used Patch Significant Numbers #ED/684

Baseball RC's - Baseball RC's
Mark Mcgwire - Topps Commemorative reprint
Randy Johnson - Score
Deion Sanders - UD
Nic Ungs - Topps
Zack Greinke/Jimmy Gobble - Topps future Stars
Khalil Greene/bernie Castro - Topps Future Stars
Blake Hawksworth - Topps
Andy Benes - Donruss Rated Rookie
Alex Sanchez - Donruss Rated Rookie
Sandy Alomar Jr. - Donruss Rated Rookie
Greg Vaughn - Donruss Rated Rookie
Greg Vaughn UD
Ken Griffey Jr. Donruss Diamond Kings
Frank Thomas - Score 1st round pick