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    Peyton Manning Auto Jersey 8/10 up for T/S

    looking to move this sweet card would like to sell but would also trade for the right stuff. Only one has been seen that I know of that sold for 550.00. I am looking for 500.00 Sell value or 550.00 in CV trade

    Peyton Manning Auto Jersey 8/10

  2. Kronozio
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    I have been getting some really nice offers but would like some more

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    Very nice card, did you pull it?
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    Hey Steve!!!! GOOSSHH That's a BEAUTY!!!! I wish I had That Kinda Extra Money cause it would Be in My PC.. LOL That sure is a Nice card...

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!

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    Wish I pulled something that good lol I traded with afriend and got it

    Quote Originally Posted by gump76
    Very nice card, did you pull it?

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