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    2006 Donruss Elite Box Break!!! FT

    I got a box of these for my birthday yesterday, here's what I got:

    Jimmy Williams Rookie Card 71/599
    Chad Jackson Rookie Card 168/599
    Jerome Harrison College Ties 865/1000
    Reggie Bush College Ties 388/1000
    Zoning Commission Tiki Barber 401/1000
    Zoning Commission Chad Johnson 199/250
    Passing the Torch Phil Simms 500/1000
    Elite Series Steven Jackson 327/1000
    Elite Series Aaron Brooks 331/500
    Elite Teams Dillon / Brady / Branch 18/500
    Chain Reaction Willie Parker 650/1000
    Prime Target LaDainian Tomlinson Jersey 268/299
    Tim Day Aspirations Rookie Card 10/15
    Joseph Addai Autographed Rookie Card 22/100

    Let me know if you need anything!! I also have a lot of base cards, if interested!!!

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    i like the addai, please check my trade page
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    Tim Day Aspirations Rookie Card 10/15

    T.E Bears signed as UDFA???

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    i would love to get th addai, williams, and jackson rookie stuff plmk thx

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    I'm interested in both Elite RC's for my set ... check my site and lmk, thanks!

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