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    BLUE JAYS RCs Wanted! Trade or Buy

    I don't have very much baseball (check my tradelist under my screename), but let me know if there's something you like. Most of the stuff I have is hockey. I'm looking for:
    Roy Halladay
    Vernon Wells
    Alex Rios

    Could also use #'ed cards of these guys (50 and lower preferred)

    It'd be great if somebody has all 3 of these guys, but I'll trade for what I can get. Thanks!
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    well i dont have the 3 guys that u listed on ur list but i do have a reed johnson rc that is numbered 1500 its in the bucket if u need a pic of it it books at around $8 not much let me no if ur interested

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    thanks for the offer, but don't need that one. Just looking for the 3 guys mentioned.

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